Sentinel 2 data satellite azimuth

I’m trying to find the satellite azimuth of a Sentinel-2 image. I followed this post from the STEP forum and this is what I see:

Is that the satellite azimuth per pixel? if so, how can I find the relevant coordinates for each?

When I scroll down in the metadata I can see the Mean viewing incident angle:

I can see more than one, so I guess it is not the mean of the entire scene. What do all of these different Mean viewing incident angle refer too?

HI @ranp

The Mean_Viewing_Incidence_Angle for each Band can be found in the GRANULE metadata XML (MTD_TL.xml).

The setup of the focal plane of the MSI instrument is such that the VNIR and SWIR Focal Plane Assembly’s (FPAs) are two seperate units, each staggered in two horizontal rows (Page 26/27 here). So each Detector will have a different Viewing Angle for each Band from each Detector. The <Mean_Viewing_Incidence_Angle_List> in the MTD_TL.xml is a per-Band Mean of the individual Detector values.



So just to make sure I understand- you mean this list:

Where bandID=0 corresponds to band1 (Ultra blue (Coastal and Aerosol), bandID=1 corresponds to band2 (Blue), and so on?

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