Sentinel-2 difference between 'super-resolution' and 'resampling'

Hello friends.
question 1:
I have a Sentinel 2 image that I took in SNAP Resample using band-2 (Blue 10 meter), but when I export a single band like (SWIR), the pixel size doesn’t change, i.e it remains the same 20 meters.
What is the reason?

question 2:
and what is the difference between ‘super-resolution’ and ‘resampling’ in SNAP?

question 3:

Is the following method correct?

1 - Mosaicking
2 - Get a subset
3 - Super Resolution (Optic > Sentinel-2 super-resolution)

In advance thanks for your guidance.

Maybe you have selected nearest neighbor resampling so the look stays the same?

The super resolution is more advanced than the resampling. Depends on your use of the data what makes more sense.

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How have you exported the band? Have you really used the new resampled product when exporting the band?

Regarding your workflow. I don’t know if the super-resolution can work with a mosaicked product. If yes, then the steps are in the right order.

The super-resolution is explained here:
Super-resolution of Sentinel-2 images (
In brief, resampling does the resampling for each band independently while the super-resolution considers other bands when creating interpolated values.

Please note, there is also a S2 Resampling in SNAP. This one is like the generic resampling but considers the view angles differently. They need a special treatment when they are interpolated.


Thank you very much. Your tips can help me.
And I’m proud to have friends like you.
And I tried two methods, Bilinear and Bicubic, and got the right result.

I wish the best for you.
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Thank you for your answer.
I extract a single band (SWIR). And I exported resampled images to .tif.

I used @ABraun advice and tried two methods of Bilinear and Bicubic and got the answer.
And thank you very much for your explanation of the difference between the two methods.