Sentinel 2 download queued

I am trying to download a Sentinel 2 A image and I keep getting download queued, but it never goes any further. Where is the problem?

How do you try to download the product?
Do you use the Product Library of SNAP? If so from which service?

If you directly use the service, e.g., Open Access Hub (, then it would be better to ask the support of the service.

“Download queued” means that you are trying to download archived products for which it takes time to bring them back online from the Data Source provider’s archive.
If you tried to do this from Product Library using Scientific Data Hub repository, you can see if you obtain similar behavior from Copernicus Open Access Hub
If case the remote service used by SNAP doesn’t work properly or has delays, there is nothing that SNAP can do …

It seems SciHub offline products retrieval doesn’t work anymore, maybe because SciHub will disappear quite soon, will be replaced by Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem.
I tried yesterday to download from SNAP an offline product, and after many hours, I have in the logs:
Product not ready for download now. Download was queued.; The request was not successful. Reason: Gateway Time-out
So this will no further work from SNAP for the moment, until Product Library will be updated for CDAS.

Hello @oana_hogoiu

It works for me. I’ve been using it over the past few days. I have issues with it, but I find if I re-request the products, they do stand more chance of being downloaded. But then I use the SciHub and CopHub in standalone mode - not via SNAP.



Then maybe it was something temporary, because I got:

Now instead, if I try, I get:

Hi @oana_hogoiu

Yes. It’s not very helpful, is it? :slight_smile: I tend to expect that behaviour, so I’ve obviously been doing this too long! I sometimes think that the people that decide on error message syntax are hired because they have the ability to make things worse instead of better :slight_smile:



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