Sentinel-2 L2A export cloud mask to GeoTiff

Export cloud mask from Sentinel-2 L2A (sen2cor) in GeoTiff

The GPF graph exports cloud mask stored in the Quality Flag layers of Sentinel-2 L2A (atmospherically corrected with sen2cor) in GeoTiff file format.

The graph is merging together the 'scl_cloud_high_proba’ and ‘scl_cloud_medium_proba’ masks (logical OR) from Sentinel-2 L2A products.

Here is an example of command line

gpt S2_L2A_cloud_mask.xml -Pinput=S2A_MSIL2A_20170717T095031_N0205_R079_T33SWC_20170717T095631.SAFE -Poutput=S2A_MSIL2A_20170717T095031_N0205_R079_T33SWC_20170717T095631_10m_cloud_mask.tif

GPF graph

S2_L2A_cloud_mask.xml (1.7 KB)