Sentinel 2 L2A images not available through API

I’m trying to migrate from older sentinelsat python package to new STAC API Documentation - STAC product catalogue using this.

I’m trying to get Sentinel 2 data using,17.25366489,80.0991803,28.58768805

It only returns L1C but not L2A , for same region and same date I get L2A product in Sentinelhub APIs and while searching the data browser

Yes @Paaus the new API seems to lack the parameter productType because adding:
&productType=S2MSI2A to the url gives a message

  "code": "400",
  "name": "Unknown parameter names: ['productType']",
  "description": "request_id: 4de7293d-e2ce-464d-bf06-b7f94ffe1c5f"

but if you use the resto style query productType works

What is a resto style query and how should I change the API request in this case ?

Using OpenSearch (resto) see here: