Sentinel-2 L2A processing over UK

Hello, I was wondering if Sentinel-2 Level 2A (atmospheric correction) processing will continue to be done over the UK.

Many thanks.

So far so good - if the EO Browser is to go by

yes but one wonders how long this may remain an ESA priority post Jan 01 2021.

You mean an DG-DEFIS priority - Copernicus Sentinels are owned by EC… ESA is tasked with developing and operating the Copernicus Space Component under delegation agreement with the EC, based on the requirements defined by the EC.

The Copernicus programme is quite an interesting international political programme where the EC has several entrusted entities that are tasked with different areas of the programme. You can read more about here!

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One would presume that acquistion and processing would still go on; after all, there are undoubtedly others outside of the archipelago who are studying the UK using Sentinel data.

As to the future involvement of the UK in Copernicus, the latest briefing from the UK Government can be found here:



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And in the link Jan gives it says:

The UK reserves the right to reconsider participation following the finalisation of the EU Space Regulation. We expect the final confirmation on UK’s participation in the Copernicus component to be made in the first quarter of 2021.

“The UK has agreed to participate in the Horizon Europe and Copernicus EU programmes under the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement,”

according to presents its National Space Strategy • The Register

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