Sentinel 2 Level 2 processor

Dear all,

i am a newby with SNAP and Sentinel 2. I was looking for the Sentinel 2 processor, is it already available in SNAP or Sentinel Toolbox, and if yes how to access it?



I can help with access (based on the beta5 release). The Level 2A processor is available as a plugin
(Tools -> Plugins -> Available plugins -> Sentinel-2 Sen2cor processor)

I think, however, that I am having some problems with configuring it as I found some presumed configuration directory names (e.g. SEN2COR_HOME). I do not think I have resolved these issues as running the Sen2cor plugin
(Optical -> Thematic Land Processing -> Sentine-2 Atmospheric Correction)
fails within a split second but with no obvious error or log messages.

Any suggestions or help with diagnosing the problem much appreciated!


The SEN2COR is an external tool that needs to be downloaded (from and installed independently from SNAP. Once installed variables like SEN2COR_HOME should be set. A help page is also available, from the “Help/Help contents menu”, under “Sentinel Toolbox Application/Optical/Thematic Land Processing”.