Sentinel -2 Mosaicking Problem in data


I tried to process Sentinel -2 data, for Classification but not able to do that. I tried semiautomatic plug-in for QGIS, ArcGIS, ENVI, ERDAS and ESA-SNAP, but the Mosaicing is not appropriate to process data for classification. I am using 5 Scenes of Sentinel-2 data of Chambal Region, India. Please help me, so that I can Process further. I have a deadline for complete this work before oct. 15 please help.

Can you also tell us what is an appropriate mosaic? What’s wrong with your mosaiced images till now? What do you expect as output? Otherwise, we can’t help.

Mosaic is not seamless. Where are the boundaries, after mosaic anyone can easily find the boundary of different scenes.

That’s pretty normal. You need to perform an AC first to get surface reflectances. And these need to be normalised too. But even then, you can often see the stripes.

You can try sen2cor, sen2three, sen2agri and icor.

Also, have a look at the AC inter-comparison exercise.

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I did Atmospheric correction TOA converted BOA using DOS1 Semiautomatic plugin in QGIS. I tried to install Sen2cor but failed, that’s why I used QGIS. In ENVI 5.3 there is error when importing data, so FLAASH is also blocked for me.