Sentinel-2 MSI Level-1C QA60 band


On GEE Sentinel-2 MSI Level-1C has a QA60 band which is used for cloud mask per pixel (60m) but on ESA this file does not exist.
What is the reason for this discrepancy?

Hello @ranp

There is no discrepancy. The S2 L1C contains a Cloud Mask. It is located at GRANULE…\QI_DATA\MSK_CLOUDS_B00.gml. Table 18 (Granule / Tile PDI Quality Indicators) of the [PSD] refers. Additional information can be found at



S2 MPC Operations Manager

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Yes, as Jan said it is available also in the ESA data.
It is just provided as vector data and needs to be converted to raster data by GEE.
This is also done when you open the official ESA data in SNAP.
There the cloud mask are available also on all three resolutions:

Beside the cloud masks also other masks are available.

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