Sentinel-2 msi resampling error. The tile offset is negative

Hi, I’m new to SNAP.
I’m using SNAP 9.0-SNAPSHOT.

I wanted to apply C2RSS processors to S2MSI. But C2RSS required resampled S2MSI data.
So I tried to resample images but I got error that the tile offset is < 0.
What should I check and how to fix it?

File name:

My process was:
Optical - Geometric - S2 Resampling Processor


Type: OperatorException
Message: The tile offset -384 is < 0.

I resolved it by download new snap(v8.0).

I think snap9.0-SNAPSHOT has many other problems.
When I opened different bands, their pixels were same even though the bands were different.
I recommend you to not use snap 9.0 at the moment.

Can you please specify how and from where did you use snap 9.0 ??
Also, please refine this:

The last official major version is 8.0

My computer Info
OS: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
Codename: xenial

Problems that I had
When I import any Sentinel-2 data and open any bands,
the bands which have the same image size with each other display same band image.

For example, the band 2, 3, 4 are the same size.
If I open band 2, 3, 4, every bands display the same image.
So, if I do “Band Maths”, e.g. B3-B2, it is actually the same as B2-B2.

When I use “Open RGB Image Window” with Red=B4, Green=B3, Blue=B2,
it display gray image. Because it is actually as the same as Red=B2, Green=B2, Blue=B2
I don’t know if their value is of B2. But every bands have the same pixel value.

The weird thing here is that the “Spectrum View” display correct values of each bands.

Above problems that I had were may just because I made some mistakes while I was installing it.
I wanted to let you know how I installed SNAP 9.0, but I couldn’t find it again.

Hi, I run into the same issue with S2 Resampling operator. I am trying to resample L2A scene from tile T43SFR and date 2022/03/30. I ran Sen2Cor on L1C scene myself and saved bands only in 20 m and 60 m resolutions. You can see the settings and the error in the screenshot. Running the “generic” Resampling operator works fine.

Issue experienced on SNAP 8.0.9, S2TBX 8.0.7.

This is a known issue which will be solved with the releas of SNAP 9.
[SNAP-1494] Older “Slice” products (SENTINEL_SAFE format) not able to be opened in SNAP 8.0 - JIRA (

@marpet isn’t the issue you linked to affecting only products from before December 2016? The one I was using is from 2 weeks ago.

Ah, sorry. I haven’t carefully read your text. I just saw the error message and thought I know it.

In this case one should look at it.
@FlorianD Can you do so?