Sentinel 2 MSI1C in ENVI 5.3

Hi everyone. I have some questions about processing the 2MSI image:
I wonder Is it feasible if i use the ENVI for progressing sentinel 2MSI images? currently i’m using SNAP for processing and conversion.
I don’t know what data i will lost after conversion to ENVI format? (Because my main tool is ENVI)
About the reflectance data, i have read in this post : How to convert DN into TOA Reflectance. But so many conflict ideas are presented.
Do i need to divide the value to 10000( which is the QUATIFICATION value) or NOT?

If ENVI is your main tool, you should already know if you can use Sentinel-2 data with ENVI. AS far as I know it is possible.
And if you need to apply the QUATIFICATION value you can easily see in which order the values are shown in ENVI.
If they are between 0-1 then you don’t need to apply it. If they are above 1000, then you should.