Sentinel 2 number bands

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The Sentinel 2 satellites have a 13 spectral bands, but when I open file in SNAP there is only 12. Where one band has dissapeared ?(probably is it 10 SWIR). I realize that this is a simple question but I can’t find the correct answer


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You overlooked that there is band B8 and B8A.
So there are 13 bands.

I did not overlook because there is clearly one missing and it is SWIR Cirrus. In the attached picture you can count that there are only 12 bands in this product. (It is 2A - Level product).

Is it L1C or L2A?

It is L2A.

I think I found the answer in this post:

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Ah, yea. Didn’t know that you are talking about L2a. Sen2cor is not writing this band.

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Excuse me, which band? band 10?

Please take a look to the Sentinel 2 band list in the following tables, both tables from different sites but the same.

Source :

Source :

yes, it is explained here:

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