Sentinel 2 preprocessing graph reflectance empty bands

i am running this preprocessing graph :s2_preprocessing.xml (6.6 KB) but in the output, the bands : B5,B6,B7,B8A, B11,B12 are all missing parts.

In the example above its running over the S2 L2, over the 36SYC tile, and the subsetting polygon is a small area in Lebanon.

anyone encountered such a thing ?

Can you show an image of the output which depicts the missing parts?

There are some parameters in your graph which are not necessary, but not wrong neither.
In the first subset operator you can remove the sourceBands parameter, because you want to keep all bands.
Also the region parameter can be removed from all subset operators, because the data has been tailored by the first subset geoRegion.
I modified your graph a bit so that I can easier test it. And it worked for me.
s2_preprocessing_copy.xml (6.8 KB)

this is a screenshot:

This is the output reflectance B4. the ones under 5,6,7,8A,11,12 are just empty, nothing displays when opened.

Also i ran your xml file but it gave me :
Error: [NodeId: Subset_reflectance] Operator ‘SubsetOp’: Value for ‘Source Bands’ is invalid: ‘B2’

this is a previous result for an area, also in lebanon but closer to the sea :

the band which i mentioned in the comment above are empty except for the square shape which is in the middle of the image.

i tried moving then area but still including the place where the square appears, and the square appears in the same geographical location :


i will try to run it on the same area you used and post my results

it worked on the area in your xml file, but why wont it work on my area.

All the bands in the reflectance are present, no missing data

I’ve used my graph s2_preprocessing_copy2.xml (6.8 KB) with your product and region and got the proper result:

So I don’t know what’s going wrong on your side.
Just some general questions:

  • Do you have installed all SNAP updates?
  • How much memory does you computer have?
  • Have you tried with other input products containing the same area?

I think its a matter of date not area, since i tried the same area on 11/1/2020, and it worked properly,the previous results were on 9/6/2020, but i need to try more dates to confirm it.

Could it be that something went wrong during the download of this specific product?

i don’t think so, i tried on several dates, on 5-30-2020,6-9-2020,7-14-2020 and the result of the preprocessing for the same area did have missing bands, while for dates 1-11-2020. and 5-20-2020 the result did include all the bands.