Sentinel-2 product level 1c to 2a

Hello! I’m new here. I am curious - is there a possibility in SNAP to create Sentinel 2 product level 2a from level 1c? Any help would be very appreciated.

Yes, it is. You have first to download Sen2Cor from and install Sen2Cor outside SNAP. Then you should find it activated in the tools menu, submenu plugins. I prefer running Sen2Cor from outside SNAP on the command line. L2A-processing takes some time which I can use then analysing other products in SNAP.

If you like to run Sen2Cor in SNAP, go to menu Optical, submenu Thematic Land Processeing, submenu Sen2Cor.



At the Sen2Cor page I read:

“Sen2Cor_v2.8 is the latest release supporting Sentinel-2 L1C data generated with the current (14.5) and previous (14.2) Products Specification Document.
Sen2Cor_v2.5.5 is the previous release and it is needed if the user intends to process old Sentinel-2 L1C data generated with the Products Specification Document older than 14.2 and not reprocessed by ESA.”

How can I find out the version of Products Specification Document of my data?

Hello, I think, the PSD version is writen in
<n1:Level-1C_DataStrip_ID xmlns:n1="

When I use Sen2cor to process sentinel-2 data in order to transfer L1C to L2A, but everytime the “Input user product does not exist” on DOS screen. I had written the correct dara position in order line.I am confused with the sentence.Do you know the reason ?My Sen2cor version is 2.11.Thank you