Sentinel -2 S2A product missing bands and fails in Sen2Cor

Hello All,
I am obtaining Sentinel-2 imagery for southern England; I have two granules on the Copernicus hub that I would like to use in atmospheric-corrected S2A format; they were acquired on 21/06/2017:


However, when I open the downloaded product in SNAP, there are only 2 bands when usually there would be 12 for the S2A product:

Also, I alternatively downloaded the corresponding S1C product, and run it through Sen2Cor with 10m selected…however when processing these two granules, the Sen2Cor stops processing with an error after 8%:

Does anyone know of this issue? Is it a problem with these particular granules? I have tested the neighbouring granules in the same swath, and the S2A products are OK, with the expected 12 bands.

Are you sure that the file was downloaded completely? Was the unpacking successful?

Yes, the folders were downloaded fully and extracted as usual. All other granules I have worked with since April have been fine, just these two will not run in Sen2Cor and seem to be missing bands on the Copernicus hub for the S2A product.


I have just downloaded the file and it seems to be corrupted:

  • The file size is only 440 Mb (in other L2 products it is around 1Gb)

  • If you open manually the folder S2A_MSIL2A_20170621T110651_N0205_R137_T30UYB_20170621T111222.SAFE\GRANULE\L2A_T30UYB_A010430_20170621T111222\IMG_DATA, they should exist three folders: R10m, R20m and R60m, but in this case R10m does not exist and R20m is empty…

There is a workaround to open all the bands: if you remove manually the folder R20m and you re-open the product in SNAP, all the bands should be available, but at 60m resolution.