Sentinel-2 Super-Resolution (all bands at 10m): Snap plugin now available!


I’m trying to find some more information on the methodology of the plugin.
Unfortunately I cannot get either of your links to work, nor can I get the one on the Sen2Res
webpage to work either:

Do you have any suggestions?


Hi all,

This can also be achieved with sen2cor correct?
When we use sen2cor, if we choose a resolution (ie. 10m), the bands for the final product will be re-sampled to 10m correct?



Sen2cor will resample, but not super-resolve. Sen2Res is similar to pansharpening for the 20m and 60m bands, but using the 4 bands at 10m to get the details instead of a (non-existent) panchromatic one.
You can use both plugins : first apply Sen2Cor without the resampling option, keeping the original band resolutions. Then, apply Sen2res in order to get all bands at 10m, with more details than just resampling.


Great Nicolas,

Thanks you.



I downloaded the plugin but I don’t know how to make it work. I keep receiving the “No high-resolution band could be found”. Since I’m a new user on SNAP probably I’m doing something wrong, I usually work with other image processing software as ENVI or SPRING. I’m opening all the images in the product explorer but I don’t know what else to do. Can anyone point me a direction?

Thank you


Open a Sentinel-2 image, either the original downloaded from the hub or one preprocessed by Sen2Cor. Select that image as the active one then launch the plugin interface via the menu. The plugin should find the bands. There is the possibility to specify a subset of the bands you need with the plugin interface. If this does not work, then you are doing something else wrong…

very good idea ,Nicolas
But I am on Mac OS 10 : no way to use it
Second , Snap tool "spatial subset from view " requires bands of same resolution
So how to reduce the Sentinel2 images with Snap6.0.1
many thanks

about the resolution, please have a look here: Resample processing time

I am getting this error. I downloaded the Sentinel image from scihub.

Thank for your suggestion

I do the resampling with S2 Resample but I do not understand how to make the correction with the Sen2Cor without resampling option.

It’s the same error i had, are you openning the complete image? You have to open the MTD XML file and not the individual bands. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the response. I was able the use it correctly. Thank you.

Dear Nicolas;

i want to use Sentinel-2 raster after sen2res for Biophysical Processors in Snap and Vegetation Indices. How can automatically copy spectral wavelengths and bandwidth of bands to sen2res output bands?

Did you try Tools > Metadata > Replace Metadata?

Yes, i try Tools > Metadata > Replace Metadata, but it gives an error:

right, the dimensions changed during the sharpening - forgot that, sorry.

And i need to copy of folders sub Band named sun, view, quality, not only wavelengths and bandwidths of Sentinel-2 raster.

I can collocate of this folders(sun, view, quality) invidually with pansharpened raster but can not copy wavelength and bandwiths…

Any suggestion please?

Strange, the code ProductUtils.copyMetadata(sourceProduct, targetProduct) does not seem to work anymore. I have implemented a workaround to copy the meda data band by band. Here is an updated plugin:
Can you please report if this solves your problem ?

Thank you Andreas and Nicolas…

Dear Nicolas, i want to share with you what i did, step by step…

My raster is,

I extracted it in same folder and run Sen2Cor with ALL resolutions. Then i run sen2res with subset option:


Now, spectral wavelengths and bandwidth were copied. But for Biophysical Processor, we need sun, view, quality bands, too.

When i run Biophysical Processor, there was an error:


Dear Nicolas, i have another problem with sen2res…

For sen2res, there is no need to subset image before.

But i have resampled and subsetted rasters of Sentinel-2. And there was an error of sen2res working with subset of resampled rasters.

After running sen2cor, i need to work with subset of the raster. For subsetting, it needs to be resampling of raster. After resampling, i subset the raster. Subset of raster is created.

Then i want to run sen2res, it seems work but when i try to view bands, there is an error: