Sentinel-2 terrain correction

is there could provide guidance or paper how we can do terrain correction on sentinel-2 level 2A throug sen2cor plugin in Snap? Thank you

please have a look at chapter 2.2.7. of the sen2cor manual:

Hello Andreas,

I was reading this document this morning and it says before that text you shared that L2A are already terrain corrected. However, I am not sure if this correction is done using a Hi Res DEM. The default one for sen2cor is of 90m resolution and that is not ideal.

My question to you is: can I process L2A files with sen2cor for terrain correction using a higher resolution DEM or should I forget L2A files entirely and only work with L1C? I am worried that the double atmospheric correction that goes along with the terrain correction might affect the L2A data.

Edit: I am using SNAP, by the way.

you can convert L1C to L2A products using sen2cor and use an external DEM by modifying the parameters file L2A_GIPP.xml. It is described in the sen2cor manual and it was discussed in this thread: Sen2cor DEM usage

I know how to use sen2cor with L1C products including terrain correction.

My question is regarding the L2A products. How would you do terrain correction of those with sen2cor? Is it possible without affecting the data because of the second atmospheric correction that would be applied on the products?

sorry, this was not clear to me. I don’t think it is possible to apply sen2cor on L2A products.

May I ask what kind of terrain correction you aim at - radiometric or geometric?

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