Sentinel 2 to Envi 5.3

Good morning all,

I downloaded a Sentinel 2 image on EarthExplorer.

Once downloaded, I have a set of several files:
[b] [/ b]

In the folder GRANULE \ L1C_T31TGJ_A022842_20191106T103725 \ IMG_DATA, I end up with 14 images, corresponding to the tapes.
[b] [/ b]

Working under ENVI 5.3, I would like to find a way to merge these images into one, with all available tapes. I tried to import the XML file “MTD_MSIL1C”, but an error telling me that “this file is not a valid sentinel 2 file”. Obviously, I would have to upgrade to 5.4, but that’s not possible for me.

I found a tool on the internet: SNAP Desktop that is supposed to do this kind of work, but impossible to find the solution on the proposed tutorial.

How can I go about it?

Thank you.

why not?

Open the MTD_MSIL1C.xml with SNAP to have the full product loaded.

You can download the latest version 7.0 of SNAP from:
After installing it, you can open the file previously mentioned from your product.

Thank you for your answers. What I want is to merge all the images in jp2 format into a single image on Snap, then export it to Envi. But I do not find this option.

Open the product as I explained above and use the S2 Resampling processor to write it as a BEAM DIMAP product which is fully compatible with ENVI