Sentinel-2 toolbox and data processing


I am trying to install the sentinel 2 toolbox to use on the sample data for sentinel, I am however having trouble installing the toolbox and viewing the data on the interface, I get an error message saying the file type is unrecognized.
Has anyone in here been able to install the sentinel-2 toolbox and how did the interface look? Was it able to read the sample data-set released by the ESA on July 13th? Do I need to uninstall sentinel-1 toolbox in order to install the sentinel-2 toolbox or can I have both on one machine?

Hi Fran,

What is the id of the product you are trying to open ?
Also, did you download SNAP recently or are you using an old version ? Please download and reinstall the latest beta version from the STEP website download area :

Thanks, this helped a lot.