Sentinel 2: User_product is not found in metadata

I download a scene in April 29, when I open the MTD_TL.xml file, no User_product part is found, so I can not use the C2RCC process to get some parameters, could anyone help me figure it out? Thank you in advance.

I don’t know why you don’t have the user_product metadata anymore. But I see that the product names don’t follow the usual naming convention (e.g. S2A_MSIL1C_20170719T103021_N0205_R108_T33UUA_20170719T103023) of Sentinel-2 L1C data. It looks more like the naming convention for the data from USGS when they are zipped.
From where do you have them or have you processed them somehow already?

However, which information do you need from the metadata in order to use C2RCC?

Dear Marpet,
Thank you very much for your reply and help. Both products in my question is downloaded from USGS, I want to use C2RCC processor to derived normalized water leaving reflectance and light attenuation. In this step, it comes the error, “user product was not found in the metadata”…

I still wonder why the products have theses names. If I download a product from USGS (did it today) and open it in SNAP it is named like this: S2A_MSIL1C_20180504T092031_N0206_R093_T34SFJ_20180504T112905
The metadata is only accessed by the C2RCC processor if the product has no start and stop time assigned. Probably this is a follow up error of the not correctly read data. You can try to set the time information manually. Right-Click on the product and select properties. There you can change the time.
Which version of SNAP are you using?

Dear Marpet,
Thank you for your quick reply and great help. My SNAP is window 32 and windows 64 (All Toolboxes)
I download and update it in this month (I do not know how to check the version, maybe the latest 6.0.0) .
As for the name, all my past downloaded products is named from L1C, the S2A_MSI is missing. The time and other part in the name also arranged not in the formal ones.

@obarrilero could you have a look at this?

Hi @HSFengWang,

you can check the version in Menu->Help->AboutSNAP -> S2TBX. It should be 6.0.1 in order to support the last product format.

On the other hand, the “user_product” metadata is contained in the product metadata. In the S2 products there are different metadata files:

  • datastrip metadata
  • product metadata (MTD_MSIL1C.xml)
  • granule metadata (MTD_TL.xml)

I think you are opening the granule directly instead of the full product. In this case, the S2 reader is going to search the product metadata in the product folder and it seems that it is not finding it on your folder. Could you please check that the structure of your product is the following:

Dear Obarrilero,
Thank you very much for your great help. I did open the granule directly before. Now, after I open all the product, the name and other is normal.

Thank you again.