Sentinel-2A data unavailability on the DataHub (31-05 to 04-06)

Hi everyone,

I noticed that some S2 images are still missing from the DataHub. More specifically, I cannot access the data from 31-05 to 04-06 (R051, R065 and R108). So I am wondering if these data will be finally uploaded or not.

Thanks, Barry

Hello Barry,

The absence of data wasa result of a satellite anomaly followed by a ground segment anomaly. This began on the 31st of May at 07:00 AM. A News item on the 7th of June ( indictates that:

ESA is pleased to announce that nominal operations have resumed and the backlog since 31 May as well as new products are progressively made available on the Sentinels data hubs.

News items of this nature can be found on the Copernicus Dat Hub Services News Page

As to whether the missing data will be made available, I suggest you contact



S2 MPC Operations Manager

Thank you for your reply Jan!

cheers, Barry

May and June haven’t been particularly happy months for S2 users. Performance is, well, somewhat erratic. I analyse the metadata for production and ingestion delays and the picture is not encouraging (see graph). Even without the anomalies of 31 May- 4 June, curious breakdowns in production and ingestion have occurred which lead to effective waiting times well over the nominal “next day” delivery target (the green line is 24 hours after acquisition). Apihub download delays need to be added to these figures to understand effective “time of arrival” if you run scripts. This is, of course, dependent on your local connectivity (and whether you download full sets, granules or individual bands only. I understood from some other messages that data on May 31 and the [UTC] morning of June 1 are lost, which the gap in the graph reflects.

Any reasons why this happens (so frequently) and whether it will improve?