Sentinel 3 download

Is there any code in python to use so i can give some coordinates, product and time period so i can have a txt with the links of the images of Sentinel 3 which fitted my request (i am interested on OLCI product so i should use eumetsat site) and then download them in batch mode?
Is there something simillar to so can download Sentinel 3 images from that fit a specified request?
How can I build this kind of script?

Thank you in advance

If you are interested in OLCI Level-1, then it could work to use the sentinelsat library and just change the URL to

api = SentinelAPI('user', 'password', '')

It should also work with CODA. At least I’ve found a closed issue for sentinelsat, which mentions coda.

If this does not work, you can access the HTTP API. It is described here: Data Access User Manual

I am interested in sentinel 3 level 2 products which i can only get from eumetsat. The PDF_S3_CODA_USER_MANUAL.pdf has scripts but everything is supposed to work with linux and i have windows. I tried also some of the things mentioned Issue: Protect spaces in query values but nothing worked.

Any ideas?

Maybe @valgur or @j08lue can help? They work on sentinelsat.
Or you try to contact them directly.

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There’s a relevant topic on the Sentinelsat issue tracker now:


If still relevant after 3 years, there is a script to download all Sentinel-3 products. For OLCI, SLSTR and Synergy it goes around long-term archive (LTA).