Sentinel-3 GML vs JTS footprint


i found an intresting thing about the footprint of this Sentinel-3 product:

On Scihub, the footprint on the map seems valid. At the product details view, i have two footprint, which are different:

  • Footprint: this is in GML syntax > This can be found in the xfdumanifest.xml, under gml:posList key.
  • JTS footprint: this is in WKT syntax > This cannot be found in the Sentinel-3 metadata, but obviously the map footprint use this.

Here you can see how it looks this two polygon side by side (JTS and GML), and how it looks using the preview function of SNAP:

I would like to bouild a lightweight db using the products footprints, but what i found in the xfdumanifest.xml, is invalid. So my question is, where can i find the JTS footprint? Or if it’s not in the product, how should be generated it?

Many thanks in advance!
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In SNAP we generate the outline ourself by stepping around the border of the product. We don’t use the GML information.

I can’t answer your question but I will try to forward it to someone who can.

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Dear Marpet,

it would be great to have some extra information about this topic, because we need to calculate the real/valid footprint of the product. Many thanks for your cooperation!

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I just got the information that it woul be best if you direct your question to the copernicus support.
Send a mail to

When you got an answer, it would be nice if you could share it here.