Sentinel 3 LST products without georeferentiation


I downloaded setinel Land Surface Temperature (LST) product (*.nc files) and I opened them in SNAP. The problem is that I require a GTiff image of the LST with geotransform so I can georeferentiate the pixels. However, converting the image in the view panel or the products themselves to a Gtiff image does not provide the needed georeferentiation. Within the LST products comes a file called with latitude and longitude bands, but again these bands come as int8 numbers (0-255) values and without the coordinates of the bounding box they are useless.

Has anyone used LST sentinel products? How to obtain GTiff images with the correct geotransform or at least the latitude and longitude of each pixel?

You should open the xfdumanifest.xml file in SNAP. Then you will get the whole product, including the georeferencing.
Then you can create a subset to include only the LST band. This result you can export to GeoTiff.

Thank you very much!