Sentinel 3 OLCI data

Hello everyone ! Can someone please help me understand how the MCI algorithm for level 2 Sentinel 3 OlCI data works so I can compare it to the NN-algorithm.
I don’t have in situ-data unfortunately, so I decided to compare two algorithms, but I didn’t understand the MCI algorithm based in SNAP toolbox.

Could you please help me ?

I guess you looked already in the help.
There you can find the equation which is used.

By selecting the OLCI l1b MCI preset the three bands shown in the GUI are used.

L1=Lower baseline band
L2=Signal band
L3=Upper baseline band

More information can be found in this paper:

I’m using level 2 data
I didn’t know those numbers I highlighted in yellow refers to what exactly and what relation do they have with Chl a concentration
I applied the chlorophyll palette to visualize the distribution but I didn’t understand what is meant by line height and baseline bands
Could you elaborate more please ?

There are a couple of papers by Gower and Gower and King that can help you to understand the interpretation and comparison of the FLH/MCI and chlorophyll products: