Sentinel 3 OLCI image reprojection to UTM Zone 51 failed in SNAP

When I reproject a C2RCC or MPHCHL image which is derived from Sentinel-3 OLCI data to UTM Zone 51,SNAP failed to process,and an error message poped up:

This meaasge:“A problem occurred during the target product processing.
Type: OperatorException
Message: Angle 32,310,177,151,878,400,000,000,000 is too high.” seems to indicate that the longitude and latitude extent parameters don’t match 0-360 and 0-90. But the WKT information showed in the Reprojection Dialog window is correct.
It seems the thematic water processing products sometimes doesn’t keep track of the original map projection infomation. Can I have walkround to this?

Do you use the latest SNAP version SNAP 7.?

Did you apply Terrain Correction TC, before the Reproject step, or they are already TC.

In projection parameters did you predefine the new CRS?

1)I downloaded Sentinel-3 OLCI data and unzipped it.
2)The data was processed with Thematic water processing/C2RCC Processors/OLCI,and got the C2RCC result.
3) The Raster/Geometric Opersations/Reprojection dialog was shown and I selected the C2RCC data file as the Source Product.
4) At the Reprojection Parameters tab, I set UTM zone 51 as the Custom CRS.

It seems the wkt infomation is correct. But I have noticed the Output scene height:9032 pixel, is much bigger than the orininal OLCI product
4150 pixel.

So ,I assume that SNAP Thematic water processing operations might have set the incorrect scene extent information.

As I mentioned earlier, try up to only check and predefine CRS , and check up your results in both cases if they difference!

Yes, the problem is solved.Thank you very much.
By the way ,the CRSs listed in the Predefined CRS Dialog is too long and not very UI convinent to user. It is expected that they are organised in a better way in future SNAP versions.

Yes, the GUI could be improved. That’s true.
At least you can filter the list already now. Which can narrow down the list quickly.
How would you like to see the list presented?

Dear Marcos: The CRS list can be arranged in more steps, in the first step, user can select by most frequently used CRS or select by country .then the CRSs are filtered and feed into the list in the second step. In this way the lengthy list can be avoided.

One more issue, in GB, when select the predefine CRS and save the *xml, it should be remain, but I found after load the *xml file , the CRS saved selection is removed, as below,