Sentinel-3 OLCI L1b data publicly available

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Today ESA and EUMETSAT announced availability of Sentinel-3 OLCI L1b data from now on. All data acquired onwards will arrive in near-real time at the Sentinel Data Hub (ESA) and the Earth Observation Portal (EUMETSAT). Data collected during Commissioning Phase will be reprocessed and will be made available later.

Please be aware that you currently have to use a special login to the Sentinel Data Hub. The usual login doesn’t work. The credentials are shown on the login screen when you follow the link above.

A more exhaustive news article can be found on this ESA Sentinel-3 page.

We are very happy that the OLCI data is now available and we are keen to exploit its capacity. Probably you are too.

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Is there any timeline of when the reprocessed data collected during the commissioning phase will be available?

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I think it is better if you ask ESA
or Eumetsat.
There you get the best answer.

there is a tool to automatically download Sentinel-3 data?


There are two scripting libs which you can use to automate the download.

In SNAP version 6 is a download tool included. But in the current preview, it is not working properly.