Sentinel 3 olci L2 tar files cannot be loaded correctly

When I open S3A_OL_2_WFR files on SNAP, only 2 bands show up: Oa01_reflectance and Oa01_reflectance_err, or for some file Oa12_reflectance and Oa12_reflectance_err. I am running SNAP 4.0 on Redhat Linux (2.6.32-504.23.4.el6.x86_64). Need advice on how to solve this problem.

Just figured out that only the first netcdf file in the L2 tar file is loaded. Is it a bug or is the toolbox supposed to function this way?

You need to unpack the data first other wise a generic reader is used which can not properly read the Sentinel-3 data.
I found the product you are showing in the image on an EUMETSAT ftp server but there it is not provided as tar file.
And I was able to open it.

thanks! It works fine with unpacked files.