Sentinel 3 Thermal band post-processing

Hi All,
I was wondering if you know the exact thermal bands of sentinel 3 and the pre-processing steps I should adapt in SNAP? Any recommendation will help me tons

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Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level 1B provides three TIR Brightness Temperature bands (S7, S8, and S9) which are from TOA with two different views nadir and oblique. For more info, please read this If you only need LST then go with Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level 2 Land Surface Temperature (LST) product. However, cloud cover may consider even with L2 LST product. If you like to calculate LST from L1 RBT data then you have a look at a number of algorithms used for this. As an example If you like to use air or atmospheric temperature (TOA) then you can have it from the meteorological annotations of RBT L1B product. To get it, you first have to do the geometric correction (i.e., by SNAP GUI) of RBT L1B 1 km datasets. After these, you can use 'temperature_tx" band. Nevertheless, the reliability of these meteorological annotation data still under consideration.

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Hello, do you know where Sentinel-3 L2 LST products can be downloaded? It isn’t available through ESA SciHub or Eumetsat CODA.

I’ve since found a Sentinel-3 specific portal on the Copernicus SciHub from which SL_2_LST__ products can be downloaded: