Sentinel 5-P and in-situ data comparison

Nice day to all experienced S 5-P users,

I have a dataset from S 5-P (tropospheric columns of NO2, SO2, O3 and some others) and i would like to compare them to in-situ data of
czech hydrometeorological institute (CHMU). I did a conversion from mol/m^2 (which is the unit the data is distributed in)
to molec/cm^2. I assume that this molec/cm^2 can be converted to m^3 by simply molec/cm^2 times 10^6, because it represents
area of vertical column. So its same like converting cm^3 to m^3

Then i have data from (CHMU) in µg/m^3. I can convert them to moles and then to molecules/m^3.

When i compare the results of these 2 datasets after conversion the difference between numbers is 4 or 5 orders (f. e.
10^17 and 10^21). I think there should be difference like 1 order, according to manual etc. There is certainly some mistake.

Does please anyone know, how to compare these data, how to work with them,
whether the tropospheric column dataset is comparable to in-situ ground measurements
and what calculations i have to do to make them comparable

Thanks a lot for all answers