Sentinel 5p raster creation


Hi there,

After looking at all the valuable inputs from all of you, I also started digging into the matter. My objective was to create a tiff file from Sentinel 5P data that is available in netcdf format.
So I also came up with a solution.
I used SNAP toolbox for the purpose
I downloaded Sentinel 5P level 2 NO2 product for this purpose using the link below.‘2fbd5daf-5b03-4cc3-a7e0-d963f3b63c59’)/$value

The product looked flipped when viewed in the SNAP

Then I subset the dataset using band subset for my required band that was “nitrogendioxide_tropospheric_column”

In this next step I used Reprojection tool in the geometric operation with my prefered Reference system (EPSG:4326)

The output from this step gave me a tiff file that was georeferenced and in tif format… that was my objectice

when i open this layer in ArcGIS it was a three band layer having “nitrogendioxide_tropospheric_column” as Band 1 and lat and long as band 2 & 3

Hope this will be helpful for everybody and I hope somebody will help me with the analysis part as a I am not good with the statistics from here on…



Yasir Shabbir