SENTINEL API: Downoad Only the Manifest of a Product

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I am working on OLCI L1 products and I would need to only download the manifest of a product via the Python Sentinel API. Could you provide me an example of a script to perform that ?

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You mean the Sentinelsat API?
Unfortunately the don’t have an own user support forum.
But @valgur is sometimes here in the forum.
Maybe he can con provide help.
Otherwise you can create a issue for your question on Github.
Issues · sentinelsat/sentinelsat (

If you mean an other API please be more specific.

Yes, I mean Sentinel sat API.

The idea is to do a request for downloading a sub-element of aproduct (e.g. manifest file) from the copernicus data hub or a DIAS.

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Is something like the Copernicus OData API relevant? I use it to download Sentinel-1 XML data only.

Here is a sample of a Sentinel-2 image (Use your Copernicus Scihub credentials to log in)‘475ce7ac-509e-4d66-903f-7603425b1082’)‘475ce7ac-509e-4d66-903f-7603425b1082’)/Nodes(‘S2B_MSIL1C_20210912T100029_N0301_R122_T32TQM_20210912T120438.SAFE’)/Nodes