Sentinel Hub certificate


The download of Sentinel-1 products from the Sentinel Hub is performed without a certificate (which is maybe dangerous in case of an automated systematic download of multiple files, i.e. Man in the middle attack…).

I wonder if there is a certificate that is available to be used when downloading from the Sentinel Hub?


This issue is not directly related to SNAP. You should send your query to the Copernicus Helpdesk at

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Thanks a lot for the email you provided. You’re right I will contact them regarding this issue.

Dear Hakim,

Please update us with the answer of ESA.



I reported that issue to the copernicus help desk team. They told to me to report that in the step bug tracker and here.

I think by now it should have been fixed, isn’t it?
If not @gusortiz where are you encoutering this issue with the certificate?

I wonder why they told you that you should report it here. We have nothing to do with the SciHub except both are ESA projects. We can’t provide a certificate for the SciHub.