Sentinel L2A reflectance usages

Sentinel L2A images contains reflectance as unsinged integer 16 bit. Should I convert/rescale these values to 0 to 1 before calculating vegetation indices?

If you load the data correctly, SNAP does that for you using the quantification value (or scaling factor). About scaling factor and exporting product etc

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Thank you for the answer, I use python to work with images, so, i am not using SNAP. In the meta data.
so quantification value is 10000 for Level 2A data.
problem is my band values are ranging 0 to 17800. if i divide band/10000 still there are values greater than 1.0.

could these be some few outliers? 1 is not the ultimate maximum, even for calibrated images. Please have a look at this answer: TOA Range in Sentinel-2 Images between 0 an 1?

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There are considerable amount of these pixels. These should be cloud pixels. I will discover it, when i produce my final test product. Thank you for the answer, it helped me to clear the path.