Sentinel level 2A processing

I actually thought Sentinel-2 level 2A data is already corrected and i just need to do analysis like classification and change detection. someone help me clarify if this is true or not before i proceed.
Do i still have to remove clouds and other distortions? Thank you

In general the 2A data is ‘good-to-go’ for analysis - but cloud is cloud, so: along with the multispectral band data-images the S2 product comes with a scene classification map - which indicates which parts of the image/scene are obscured by clouds.
For example if use the EO Browser you can flip between True Color image and the scene classification map – scroll down in the side bar to find the latter.

My EO sentinel hub account expired recently I guess I would have utilised it to analyse this better.
I welcome any other opinion regarding my problem. Thank you

You can still get the basic functionality of the kind I indicated using a non-logged in account.

Ok. Thank you