Sentinel Playground or EO Browser


If I wanted to compare what Sentinel-2 data which I have downloaded through the API, against what I can see in a UI app like EO Browser or Playground, which one should I be using?

The reason I ask is I seem to get different Sentinel-2 results for the same day and same time.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


can you please specify how your results are different between the API data and the EO Browser?

If it comes down to differences in data hosting, storage or display, the SentinelHub forum might be the better address:

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This was not 100% clear (my bad).

I was seeing different results (like sunny areas cloud-free), between the EO Browser and Sentinel Playground for the same periods. I think I have managed to ascertain that the EO Browser is date specific, whereas the Playground seems to be over time (which is why it has dates on it and appears different).

Is my understanding correct?

I’m not sure about how the Sentinel Playground works. The Sinergise staff will surely know better.

No problem, I’ll look for the link to that section and see if they can help.

Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction; appreciate it.