Sentinel precise vs sentinel restituted

I am using single look complex SLC of sentinel 1B, mode Interferometric Wide Swath Mode (IW).

I would like to ask what orbit file is more advantegeous,

sentinel precise or sentinel restituted,

and also what means the polynomial degree in the orbit file?

how to know what polynomial degree is the best?

thanks in advance


Please use the search function of this forum to find previously discussed questions:

The orbit interpolation degree should only be changed for Sentinel 1 data if you experience severe coregistration errors, e.g. ramps in the interferogram, like here: Problem with Using ALOS Data

Thank you Andreas for clearing some issues.


Anyway, the difference between precise and restituted orbits seems to be the accuracy. It should be +/- 5 cm. for precise and +/- 10 cm. for restituted (see S-1 product performance p.9)

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