Sentinel products download via api

I recently visited the scihub copernicus website,but was prompted with a message that it is closing down on 31-Oct-2023. With the updation of the sentinel data dissemination platform, as sentinelsat is the python library which easily provides the data through scihub. Will sentinelsat be still working or the complete python API’s have changed.Please guide how to search for the data via API’s in this case.

Concerning the sentinelsat Python library: major changes will be needed. See e.g. Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem · Issue #583 · sentinelsat/sentinelsat · GitHub to follow the development.

You could try GitHub - DHI-GRAS/creodias-finder: A Python API for data discovery on Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem as a (partial) replacement for sentinelsat

Thanks a lot