Sentinel subswath

I’ve tried to download only one subswath of sentinel 1 slc and the problem I’m facing is that I can’t select a specific burst, it’s showing 1 to1 burst in tops split gui.

Do you apply this in QGIS, or in SNAP?

where did you download the product and how did you import it into SNAP?

In snap 7.0.

I mean how did you import it into SNAP? Like this?

And where did you download the product?

Let me explain again, so i downloaded the subswath from the copernicus open access hub (the data contain three subswaths i’ve selected only one to download and i’ve downloaded the other necessary files annotation…) after i’ve downloaded the subswath and imported the data in snap software i can’t select bursts for a specific region using Split tool .
Thank you very much.

May I ask you how did you manage to download only the desired subswath?

Select view product details first.

I don’t know maybe it’s not the right way to download the desired product.

Ouh! I see. I thought it was a way to do it via command line or getting valid products that could be opened with any software.

But as I have seen, you cannot open them properly (or the product is not properly recognised) with SNAP.

Had you tried any other software?

Yes, that’s the problem. The product is not properly recognized in snap thus the bursts can’t be selected.

I didn’t try other sofware, i’m using only snap.

In fact my guess it that the metadata downloaded belong to the entire product, containing the full subswaths

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yes, Sentinel-1 data can only be read correctly by SNAP as an entire product. Downloading single swaths as TIF files technically works but they cannot be used in any of the radar modules because the metadata is missing.
I think your only option at the moment is to download the full product.

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I did not even know it was possible to download S1 images per subswath. From my knowledge SNAP is not able to handle properly the tiff file you’re giving. My advice is to download the entire scene and use the split operator “normally”.

I understand that in your case, it probably means a lot of unused downloaded data.

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Yes, i think that the solution is to download the entire data to avoid such problems.
thank you very much.