Sentinel1 slc data topsar debusting processing error

i am using sentinel1 slc data to create c2 matrix so for this i firstiy gone for Topsar debusting but it shown error as below

can anyone please help me

This is a memory issue. How much memory does your system have? Do you use 32Bit system?

but i have 64bit, i7 processor, 8 gb ram and 1TB rom

This might be not enough for this operation. I don’t know exactly. But I know that operation, on S1 data are consuming a lot of memory.

i have tried this process on 16gb ram system also and it is also showing the same error.

Sir ,thank you for replying me

DID you solve the deburst error?How to solve??

as stated above, this error comes up when your computer doesn’t have the required processing capacities. At least 16 GB RAM area recommended for SAR processing.