Sentinel1 terrain correction on anctartic

Hi everyone!! I have a problem with Sentinel-1 products over the anctartic region.

I have downloaded an IW product with only HH polarization but in the step of terrain correction I get the error about missing DEM in that region, so the correction is not possible. Which can be a possible solution for it? thanks for any good reply in advance

you can either

  • use one of the other DEMs which are available for AutoDownload, e.g. GETASSE or ACE30 (make sure to select DEM as additional output band so you can visually check its quality later) or
  • download an openly available DEM of higher resolution with global coverage (AW3D30 or ASTER) and use it as an external DEM.
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Thanks for the info, I used the new Copernicus DEM and results were good.!!