SENTINEL1A_1W_SLC_ISSV poducts free downloads

I am a PhD student working on Wetland classification and delineation. My study area is in Kenya. I would like to know where i can get Sentinel1_IW_SLC_ISSV products for my study area located at 0◦18’S and 0◦27’S, and 36◦1.5’E and39◦9.25’E, within the Kenyan Rift valley. Thank you.

single polarization products were only collected for some few locations (none in Africa):

You can still download VV/VH data for your area and use the Split operator to reduce them to VV polarization.

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Hello Mr ABraun, I am From West Borneo/Kalimantan Indonesia, I am working on Wildfire Classification. What is the best Sentinel I can use? How can I get Sentinel Image? And If I want to use Sentinel with SAR, Where is the website I can download the data? Is there any program from ESA that I can using it for processing the data? Thank You


The official site is here:

But there are a lot of other ones, in case the official one is not suitbale for you.

There are lots of tutorials and courses

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