Sentinel2 atmospheric correction

Hi all,
i was doing atmospheric correction of sentinel-2 with snap .i have installed it successfully. but now there is something wrong now as follows.

could anyone tell me what happend?

Why don’t you have a look at the log file as it is suggested?
You can find it in your SEN2COR_HOME directory, something like:

I have seen it . But i can’t find something wrong. can you see what the problem is? I use sen2cor2.2.1

it doesen’t seem complete to me. You can upload the whole files in this forum with this button:

Please upgrade to sen2cor 2.3
Please also install the latest version of SenCor 2.3.0:

Before installing it you need to uninstall sen2cor first by
pip uninstall sen2cor

Please also make sure that you are runnint your command line with administrator rights.

Just like this. when it processed 60m ,it was successful, but for 10m data, the error as above was appear. Should I take 20 m data as input data in order to get 10m data?

if 60 is successful but 10 is not you can try to delete the intermediate 10m files and run it again.

no, it doesn’t work.