Sentinel2 can be opened only in native resolution

Hi all,
Recently I managed to download sentinel2 data following the course
But when I tried to open it with SNAP ,I found it can be opened only in native resolution as following. What is the problem? Could
anyone please see the problem below and tell me what is I am missing ?

I use the SNAP as follow:


the 10, 20 and 60 m readers were removed in version 4.0. Please, see About the 10m, 20m and 60m readers removed in S2TBX 4.0. If you use the resampling operator after opening the product with the Native resolutions reader, you will obtain the same result.

Hi obarrilero,

When we do the resampling, can we save the product in SAFE format?



Currently it is not possible to write/save products in SAFE format.