Sentinel2 image not shown

Hello, i’m starting with SNAP, maybe the issues I have found are too naive, but i need some help.
I’m using Debian 10 with 16Gb RAM
I installed the latest version of SNAP 8.0 and tried to open different products, but i couldn’t. Here are the details:

  1. Landsat image

Trying via xml file

File/Open Product/LC08_L1TP_225083_20210104_20210309_02_T1_MTL.xml
it results in error message “no appropiate reader found” (log message how can i send it to you?)

Trying by:

File/import/optical sensors/Landsat/ Landsat 8 in 30 m (GeoTIFF)/LC08_L1TP_225083_20210104_20210309_02_T1_MTL.txt

it takes a few seconds and … nothing seen on screen, but it seems the product is open, because it tells me so when i try to open it again.

  1. Else, i try to open Sentinel 2 images:


Trying via xml file
File/Open Product/MTD_MSIL1C.xml
it takes a few seconds and … nothing seen on screen, but it seems the product is open, because it tells me so when i try to open it again.
When i try via
File/import/optical sensors/Sentinel-2/S2MSIL1C/MTD_MSIL1C.xml
tells me it is already open.

and the same with other Sentinel-2 image (level 2A)


No way,
what is wrong??? help, please

Are there any errors in the log file?
You can access it from Help → Show Log Directory, the most recent messages.log file.
Maybe this is an installation issue, the behavior seems strange …

messages.log (86.9 KB)
this is the log file

There is nothing significant in the log (the WstxInputFactory error is known).
It can be a refresh issue, from what you explained… try to switch between tabs to see if something changes.

Hi Oana, thanks for your answer! I’m still trying: opened the L1C Sentinel image. It doesn’t appear in screen (navigation) and i can’t create an RGB image from it, for example. But…when i go to World view, it does show the tiny red spot on the map!
what’s wrong with showing images??
More: i was able to apply succesfully reflectance to radiance conversion to a couple of bands, (this means that image is uploaded, though not shown), but when the process finshed, the program closed (though i had activated “show on SNAP”???)
Some other weird facts:
the product file of refl2rad is placed in the hidden folder .snap, but hidden folders are not shown in the Open Product menu of SNAP, how could i open the file from SNAP?
other question: the refl2rad data files (B1.hdr) stays:
NVI description = {Reflectance in band B1 - Unit: Watts/m^2/micrometer/steradian - Wavelength: 443.0nm}
then, it seems to be a contradiction , those are not units for reflectance, what are, then, the values, reflectances or radiances ???

Thank you in advance!!!

After opening the product in SNAP, in order to see a band view, you have to double click on a band from Product Explorer.

Regarding the output location of a certain operator, you can change it from the operator UI, so it can be any location you want.


Regarding the units, maybe this can help:

THANKS Oana!!! very much!!!

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