Sentinel2 L2A : vegetation indices IRECI and NDI45 saturated

Hi all,

I am working on S2 images at L2A level (from Theia) in order to study natural vegetation (mangroves precisely).
I tried to calculate several VIs including IRECI and NDI45. The results I obtained are troublesome :

IRECI : all the values are flagged saturated. I suspect a problem with the product values which are not reflectances values.
As the formula is not a ratio (like NDVI), it generates absurds values.
Do I need to divide all the bands by 10000 ? Generally speaking, is it a good practice before generating derivated products (VIs, LAI, etc…) ?

NDI45 : I obtain the max value (1) on several locations. I’ve noticed it is caused by a red band value at 0.
Is it normal ? Have you ever seen this over vegetation ?

Thanks for your help