Sentinel3a OCLI orthorectification

I used snap to read the sentinel 3A OCLI EFR data, but could not use the orthorectification function for future process.
As other sentinel 2 orthorectification questions I know that now snap’s limitation at this point.
using GPT with python also have no one as snap orthorectification for other sensers. My question is: is some function or method for orthorectification batch processing ? (orthorectification in batch processing in snap may be only used for Radar)

solved :slight_smile:

The GPT/GPF operator named Terrain-Correction(only for a SAR product).
But sentinel 3 OCLI could not use it, may be did not read the senser’s info.

If you switch in the settings (Tools/Options/S3TBX) to the per-pixel geo-coding the coordinates are already orthorectified.

Thanks for @marpet and other snap makers. This is a good idea to get a Sentinel-3a OLCI orthorectification products. I have had checked it . But , is there a python method can read S3a-OLCI with per-pixel geo-codings?
product = ProductIO.readProduct(‘file’) maybe could not change the reading process.

The setting in SNAP should also change the behaviour in snappy/python.
You can check this by

gc = product.getSceneGeoCoding()

You will either get

Thank you for your help. You are warmhearted, always help me out of the error.:blush::handshake:

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