Sentinental Datasets Processing

Hello guys i am new to handle the sentinental datasets.I need to enquire whether two whole SLC datasets of different dates of same region can be processed in single process w.r.t IW1,IW2,IW3 bands in a single processing workflow.If someone can help with this it will be of great help and tutorials if present please do share.

Do you need phase information of the SLC products? Otherwise, GRD products are way easier to process and automatically contain all sub-swaths.

Hey Thanks for your reply.Yes i need phase information also for deformation studies

then you first have to split the initial product three times (one per sub-swath), process them separately and in the end use the TOPS Merge to bring them into the final product.

An example is shown here, although graphs of this size are not recommended.

image source

thanks… i am working on it…ty so much for your suggestion