Server maintenace still ongoing

Dear SNAP users,

as you probably already noticed we are currently updating the server and the server software of the STEP website and the forum for a better performance and user experience.
Unfortunately, problems occur during the updating phase. We are working on the remaining issues, like problems with GitHub login, failing updates or the download of auxiliary files (DEM, water mask, etc).

We beg for your patience and apologise for the inconvenience.

The SNAP Team

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That may explains why I cannot apply orbit files.

Thank you for the update marpet.
Any chance someone would be able to investigate offline processing in the near future - I have all the orbit and dem files required to process locally in C:\Users\user.snap\auxdata but am still affected by this ongoing server maintancence…

Also facing problems to download precise orbits for 2017 S1 images. GPT graph is running but no precise orbit files are used.

Thanks for the update!!

We are getting back to normal operation. Download of auxiliary data should work again and also the installation of updates should be possible again. Only the github-login issue remains. But we are working on it.
If you need to log in, try following:
Login via email (the one from github) and then click on “I forgot my password”.
Then you can set a new password and login to the forum.

Thanks to those who were working on these issues. :clap:t3:


And even the last issue has been resolved.
You can log in with your github account again.