Setting custom AuxDataPath value in SNAP 2.0


I have installed SNAP 2.0. on Linux and I would like to define a custom value for the AuxDataPath variable, when using gpt.
I tried different ways:

  1. By setting its value /opt/snap/etc/,
  2. By passing to gpt the parameter -DAuxDataPath=value

None of the above worked, it seems that it searches only in the snap.userdir.
As workaround I managed to change the snap.userdir value by passing the option -Dsnap.userdir=, but I was wondering if there’s a way to change only the AuxDataPath (it was possible with the S1TBX).

Do you have any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

I think to change only the auxdata path is not possible any more. I think you found already the only way how to do it right now.
Maybe @lveci knows an other way.

Just like the other folders in the snap user folder, they are relative to the snap user folder. You should move the snap user folder as you have done.

Thank you both for the answers !